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6-Year-Old Boy Uses Nail Polish To Touch The Hearts Of Millions.

We all have something special inside of us that makes us stand out against the rest. Some people are extremely intelligent, some are highly artistic, and others can run faster than the wind. But this little boy stood out for something completely different than being smart, or good at sports. This little boy stood out because, despite the tough hand he was given, he was an unbelievably kind and giving little human.

Holiday Season

Since 2004, a special event takes place during the holiday season in different Dutch City’s main square. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the country come out to watch the celebration, and they talk about it for weeks.

The Glass House

This well-known event is for charity and it’s called Serious Request, or "The Glass House,” depending on who you’re talking to. For one week, different DJs from the radio station 3FM lock themselves into a glass house together to play music for everyone to see and be a part of.

Music And Fun

During the week, participating DJs dance with the crowd while they hang out with visiting celebrities. It’s hard to be in the eye of the public, especially when you’re in a glass house, but these DJs have a bit more to worry about than being under the watchful eye of the public.

Music And Fun

DJ Shifts

The DJs, who take turns sleeping for six hours at a time, aren’t allowed to consume food while they’re in the glass house. But they are allowed to drink coffee, smoothies, and water during the week-long event. Despite dealing with a lack of food, the DJs still put on a great show while they hang out with guests and fans. They may get sick of smoothies, but there hasn’t been one DJ that has regretted donating his life for a week to a good cause.

DJ Shifts


The Mailbox

One of the greatest parts of the glass house is the mailbox. But this mailbox isn’t just for fan mail! Fans can use the mailbox to request a song, which they’ll put in an envelope, along with a cash donation. As of late, the event has become so widely known that people start raising funds to put into the mailbox many months before the event even starts.

The Mailbox

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