By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Tiny Hamsters Relaxing With Pina Coladas At A Tiki Bar… It’s Exactly As Cute As It Sounds.

Nothing says "summer" like a good tiki party. Colorful decorations, a smattering of tiki torches, and most importantly, a vast array of incredibly strong, delicious boozy tropical drinks makes these parties a hit - even with a bunch of rodents.

YouTube sensation Hello Denizen, the group that brought you a tiny hamster eating a burrito, is back. This time, they've set up an entire outdoor tiki party, complete with teensy refreshments and precious little drink umbrellas - this video is a celebration of what happens when hamsters just kick back and relax. Watching these little guys party is going to make you want to throw a tiki soiree for yourself.

Next, these hamsters have jobs making sushi and cocktails.

Source: HelloDenizen