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14 Adorably Despondent Dogs Lamenting Their Cone Of Shame… #3 Is Hilarious.

Recently, my dog went to the veterinarian and came home with a cone on her head. Though the cone was relatively small, her entire personality changed: She sat sullenly in the corner, she refused to eat, and the only look that crossed her face for the entire three days was "I am in the lowest depths of hell, please feel free to kill me."

In other words, it's no surprise that these contraptions, while officially known as an “Elizabethan collar,” is more commonly called "the cone of shame." A necessary evil to keep pups from licking their wounds, they also cause them to hate their lives for the entirety of the period that they have to wear them.

Photographer Ty Foster decided to capture these animals at their darkest moments: Fully coned, and totally depressed. In Foster's opinion, dogs are sadly at their cutest when they are also at their most encumbered.

Foster was inspired to create the "Timeout" series after his father sent him a text message showing two dogs sitting in the backyard, wearing the dreaded cones.

His photos definitely capture the dogs at their lowest point - this one doesn't even look pleased to have such a big bone.

Though the cones are meant to help the dog heal, Foster's photos prove that it's a totally humiliating process.

And even if they can't scratch where they want to scratch, dogs usually find a way to scratch at something they aren't supposed to - namely, the cone of shame.

If there's a cat in the house, you can almost bet that it will be judgmental about the dog's cone.

When they're wearing the cones, dogs spend most of their time trying to get them off.

Some veterinarians try to jazz up the cones with some jewels or decorations, but to the dogs, it's still feels undignified.

Luckily, their mouths are still accessible to receive plenty of delicious treats during their time of need.

"We've all experienced the emotional hardships that our animals have to endure while wearing the cone and I really wanted to showcase those trials and tribulations in this series," Foster said in an interview.

Thought most dogs get moody when forced to wear the cones, others remain hopeful.

And some might even try to yawn the cone away.

Despite many desperate attempts at cone removal, most dogs end up giving up and living with their depressing sentence, remembering what their lives were like before they got coned.

We hate so say it, but their mild suffering under the oppression of the cone is pretty adorable.

Look what how these cone of shames were decorated.

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