Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

40 Perfectly-Timed Photos That You'll Wish You Took Yourself.

There are tons of unexpected things that can happen during the day, but that's what makes life so unpredictable, isn't it? Oddly enough, we're in too much of a rush to realize that it's happening, but in some instances, someone captures these strange events. So here are some perfectly timed pictures that will really mess with your mind. From a dog in the right place at the right time to a guy with a sausage head working at a deli, some of these images are taken at the perfect moment that something eye-catching happens, and it'll totally blow your mind.

#1. This dog's ego is so big, and now there's a pawsome street mural that totally reflects that.

#2. Okay, someone take out the holy water and the crucifixes, 'cause we've got a water witch close by.

#3. Well it looks like Yzma from "Emperor's New Groove" is hair melding with that tree in the corner.

#4. Alright birdies, for this shoot, put your hearts into it when you fly away towards the sunset.

#5. When you think you look cool riding an ostrich, and then it upstages you and turns you into Miss Ostrich.

#6. The time when your fuzzy slippers were so weird, even the guy on TV broke the fourth wall.

#7. Oh, it's okay, go ahead and write your memoirs while the poor guy just hovers in mid-air till you're done.

#8. Whoa! Fourteen wind turbines all spinning in a row kind of looks like a big old white puffer fish.

#9. You thought you were obsessed with texting, but now it seems like the birds are getting into it too.

You thought you were obsessed with texting, but now it seems like the birds are getting into it too.

#10. Did this horse turn into a xenomorph from the "Alien" film, or did it eat a pony for breakfast?

#11. So either the martians are about to invade the planet, or this city's got a huge issue with fog.

#12. Who needs a boat when you can use your body to glide across the water, and it's naturally gas powered.

#13. The wires on these earbuds look like a treble clef, in case anyone isn't sharp enough to hear he's listening to music.

#14. Some people have ashy feet, but this gal has an ashy nose, or did someone just flick a cigarette near her?

#15. The highlight of being in a CrossFit competition is that you can catch plenty of balls with your face.

#16. What are you talking about? We don't see anything absolutely wrong with her big old man feet.

#17. Oh kitty's looking might fine with those killer abs, oh and that bikini be lookin' so cute.

#18. You don't need to be a mind reader to know how badly this substitute teacher's struggling.

#19. Don't worry, humans! Superdog won't let anyone get crushed by the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

#20. You know you're having a really bad day when even life-sized Jenga blocks don't seem to like you.

#21. When the camera catches this croc's first meal of the day, and that bird's last moments of life.

#22. Whoever took a dump in this toilet probably went "hallelujah" afterwards, as its glowing with divinity.

#23. This diver is looking a little bloated under the sea. Anyone want to pucker up and giving him a kiss?

#24. Now this is smeowshing! This perfectly timed photo gave kitty a shnozz that's so Barbra Streisand.

#25. Okay, maybe it's just us, but this pony is totally rocking that tail wig he borrowed from his friend.

#26. This is the kind of weird stuff that happens when you have a human for a mom and a bird for a dad.

#27. This parrot should reconsider standing in front of the moose head, unless it wants to end up on the wall.

#28. When you thought that turning into a toad was only something that happened to folks in Disney films.

#29. Want proof that mom's had one too many? How about the fact that she's giving her kid a cocktail facial?

#30. We knew that the world was facing a drought, but this hooded crow would be happy for just one drop.

#31. This guy's going to notice a hickey on his neck in a few hours, and he'll never know how he got it.

#32. It was perfect timing when Homer stares out the window and see a Sky TV van with Marge on it.

#33. You know it's Monday when you serve coffee to a hybrid dog-person in the drive-thru window.

#34. When everyone tells you you're literally an angel, and they've got the photo to prove it too.

When everyone tells you you're literally an angel, and they've got the photo to prove it too.

#35. Believe it or not, he's gliding on air, and from the look on his face, it's not going to end well for him.

#36. Talk about the Jekyll and Hyde effect! But chocolate's vanilla legs are looking very, very nice.

#37. For the life of him, this guy at the bowling alley doesn't get why everyone keeps calling him Chief.

#38. This is why you try to play nice with your teammates, cause otherwise you get a beer foam hoodie.

#39. At this airport in Tel Aviv, Israel, men are showing off how amazing their legs really look.

#40. When the sun doesn't come out tomorrow, you'll know it's because it's been moved by this truck.