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These Dogs Are Living The Alaskan Dream, The Photos Gave Me Wilderness Envy.

Normally, you probably don't want to seek out the dentist -- but in this case, you're going to want to see more of this dentist (specifically, his adorable dogs).

Something tell us that this dentist, who goes by Tim The Tooth Ninja on Instagram, is a lot different from the looming dentists of our childhoods. His name is Timothy, and by the looks of his Instagram account, he lives in the Alaskan wilderness with some seriously precious pooches. He documents their lives for social media, taking a series of images of the rambunctious pups playing in the snow, trekking through the forest, and doing all the awesome things that dogs in Alaska get to do. Check out the outdoorsy and adorable images below.

#Beammeup to winter wonderland #alaska. #gopro @gopro #menofoutdoors #naturealaska

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Smile cause thanksgiving is almost here! #bjorninalaska #gopro @gopro #besomedoggy #goanimals_

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Who is in your gangsta squad? #squadgoals #squad #gopro @gopro @besomedoggy #besomedoggy

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Source: Tim the tooth ninja