By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

We All Long For Simplicity And Happiness… Perhaps This Affordable Cabin Is The Answer?

Lately, it seems like tiny houses are all the rage. Swapping your McMansion for a bite-sized homespace has it's advantages: You save money, you are forced to minimize your belongings, and having less space at home means that you'll be compelled to get out more and enjoy the world.

Arched Cabins has spotted the growing demand for tiny houses, and have entered the market with a tiny, miniature cabin for the sparsest of forest dwellers. In addition to being primary homes, these cabins are used for workshops, vacation spots, and even shelter for animals. They are fully customizable and totally chic. Check out some of their best work in the photos below!

Would you ever want to live in one of these beauties? Depending on the options your choose, these places can actually be pretty affordable. Check out the pricing list on the Arched Cabins website to start your journey to tiny, fuss-free living!