By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This TINY Camper Looks Too Small, But It’s Hiding A Massive Secret.

Even if you're not a camping enthusiast, checking out people's camping gear is always pretty interesting. Some people have top of the line tents (complete with bedrooms), while others prefer to camp in style in one of those luxury RV's - does it count as camping if you have an actual toilet?

Well, this tiny camper is more than a tent, but not quite a trailer. In fact, its so small, it's hard to tell that it's meant to house humans at all - until you get the chance to look inside, that is.

It's so tiny, you might be asking yourself if it's actually a camper for ants.

However, just like magic, it expands!

Here's an illustration of how it works with a human inside. Looks pretty comfortable, no?

It's also totally decked out. That TV is bigger than the one I have in my normal sized house.

To give the illusion of even more space, the camper has a large, round window and a skylight.

It's also got plenty of storage, which is pretty amazing.

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