By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Remote Hideaway Offers The World’s Most Jaw Dropping View.

High in the Dolomites mountains in Italy, the views are absolutely spectacular. Luckily, there's a spot built just for you, perfect for taking it all in.

It's called the Starlight Room Dolomites, and it's a mini hotel that's basically a cube with glass walls, set on top of skis. It sits at 6,700 feet above sea level overlooking the northern Italian alps, and it would be the perfect place to spend a quiet, thoughtful night or two.

It might seem a little bit claustrophobic, but remember that the point of staying in the Starlight Room isn't the room itself: It's everything you get to observe while staying warm inside.

The room was designed by Raniero Campigotto, and costs guests a whopping 300 euro per night.

It's a simple structure, with the interior serving as a cozy room for one or two.

And you really can't beat the view.

The room gives visitors the opportunity to see the night sky without any nearby light pollution.

The area is known for it's spectacular sunsets and sunrises as well.

The space comes with free grappa all night long -- in other words, you'd have everything you need to escape the real world while experiencing the natural one.

Source: City Lab