By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Lawyer Quit His Job To Make The Teeniest Furniture You’ll Ever See.

There's something to be said about taking a risk, quitting your job, and focusing on your dreams -- even when your dreams are pretty unusual.

This artist decided to do exactly that. She was working as a corporate lawyer two years ago when suddenly, she realized her work was simply unfulfilling. She quit to study architecture full time, and more importantly, she started making tiny furniture.

Her miniature work is complex and beautiful, and would definitely be the envy of every dollhouse in town. Check out her tiny furniture below -- we're thinking she definitely made the right life decision.

Here's a scene from her amazing (and teeny-tiny) workspace.

I love architectural history and conservation, so I take most of the inspiration for my tiny creations from 19th century pattern books and historical texts," said the artist in an interview.

Judging by her tremendously steady hand and unique skill set, this artist made the right decision in changing her life and following her dream.

Her work has earned her a great following on social media as well. Would you give up your stable job to pursue something like this?

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