Lisa Be

By Lisa Be

LifeBuzz Staff

This 31-Year-Old Was Sick Of Expensive Rent. What He Did Took Lots Of Planning, But Look Inside…

While most people are buying large 2-4 bedroom homes for hundreds of thousands of dollars, Alek Lisefski, a 31-year-old web designer, decided to build a tiny 8×20 foot house for $30,000.

Alek says living in the small space forces him to live in a much simpler, organized and efficient way. He doesn’t have room to collect things and he’s forced to spend more time outdoors and with his community.

Their small home provides Alex and his girlfriend, Anjali, and their dog Anya, with everything they need.

Alek spent a total of about $30,000 on the house, including the tools, appliances, and trailer. He worked on it every night and on weekends. It took him 7 months to complete.

He built the house on a trailer in Iowa, but after completion, the couple towed it to California where they live now.

The ladder leads to the loft area where the couple sleeps.

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