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Hilarious Photos Perfectly Capture The Everyday Frustrations Of Working In An Office.

Most of what the general public knows about the advertising industry comes from an episode of Mad Men - in other words, people think it's all about an impeccably tailored suit and a great pitch. However, the challenges of working within the modern advertising industry are simultaneously a lot more complex and a lot more mundane. Derrick Lin captured all of those moments in his amazing photo series.

Lin is a brand strategist at an agency in Columbus, Ohio, and for the last year, he has been taking photographs of tiny figurines in typical agency situations. The results are pretty hilarious - and are most likely relatable to anyone who has ever had an office job. Lin explained his motivations in an interview earlier this year:

I try to find the amusing light out of our daily frustrations, be it stress, escape or imagination. I actually start with the captions. I look for a humorous and straightforward way to visualize each idea, and then I think about how to plant the punch line alongside the picture without being too obvious. I use my iPhone and office lighting to take the photos because I want to achieve a friendly and "everyday"style. Shortly after starting my Instagram page, I had co-workers cheering for me and volunteering to be in the pictures, they are always encouraging me to share my series with the Internet.

And we're so glad he did. Check out the awesome photographs below.

When work comes looking for you, there's no escape. #work #monday #run #pinmedown #miniature

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#TBT Nail salon... Who has time for that? #adagency #agencyproblem #remastered #miniature #salon

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