By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

She Lives Off-Grid In This Tiny House… Wait Till You See The Inside.

Perched in the beautiful hills of Washington state is one of the cutest tiny houses we've ever seen - and let's be honest, we've seen plenty of adorable tiny houses.

The house is 8' x 24' feet, and it only cost about $10,000 to build.

Still, when the initial construction was finished, the tiny house was pretty shabby and boring. However, owner Tonita wasn't about to stop there.

Tonita decided to turn the basic frame of the house into a shabby-chic, feminine retreat.

The small details on the inside and outside of the home are all keeping with the theme.

Lace curtains add a certain whimsical quality to the home.

The white picket fence also adds to the charm.

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