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These Tiny Film Sets Will Make You Dizzy… I’m Totally Disoriented.

Tucked away in an incredible 16th century building in Lyon, France is something incredibly tiny and incredibly awesome: It's the Musée Miniature et Cinéma, a five-story museum that houses over 100 miniature film sets.

The most impressive thing about the museum is that each mini set is hyperrealistic, so much so that you can hardly tell the difference between the mini-models and the real thing. Check out the teeny-tiny photos below: Can you recognize any of these iconic movie sets?

The models all have miniature features, down to the smallest of small details.

All of them were produced by world-renowned miniaturists.

Looking at photos, it's hard to distinguish the fact that this is a model and not an actual set.

Even outdoor scenes are hyperrealistic.

The smallest details are what make them look so real, from fake mold to tiny books to peeling wallpaper.

Visitors to the museum can peer through tiny windows and see a minuscule version of a scene from their favorite films.

It's hard to imagine how much time and attention to detail was taken with each one.

The lighting and arrangement of windows is also crucial in giving the illusion of a tiny reality.

The lights and light sources have to be perfect as well, and must consider the time of day, weather in the movie scene, and geographic location.

“The subtle lighting arrangement, the painstaking replication of old textures, the use of the same original materials, all contribute to the creation of a moving poetry that resonates with each new miniature panorama,” it states on the museum’s website.

Each set seems to be more iconic than the last.

One could spend hours examining the details of each scene.

The coolest part? Each visitor to the museum gets a magnifying glass to capture all of the tiny details.

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Source: This is Colossal