By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

He Pairs Tiny Tattoos With Their Matching Background. The Photo Of The ‘Keyhole’ Is Really Clever.

Photographer Austin Tott likes tattoos, he just prefers them to be small. Tott gave more context to tattoos that are delicately placed in the inner wrist by setting them against matching backgrounds. An envelope symbol has more meaning when it's around stamps or quotation marks surrounded by books are just some of the visuals.

Based in Seattle, Tott's photo series Tiny Tattoos was inspired by the shutterbug’s affinity for the smaller ink marks.

“I had a Pinterest board of tattoos and I kept finding myself attracted to the tiny ones the most. I do a lot of conceptual photography which tends to be more elaborate so I wanted to do something stripped down and simple,” says Totts.

This may just be the perfect inspiration for those on the fence about getting inked.

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