Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

She Makes It Work In Her Tiny 82-Square-Foot Tokyo Studio.

We spend our entire lives (and our savings!) planning and designing the perfect house. We fantasize about a carefully lit kitchen, with a huge island in the middle, large interiors, and the perfect living room overlooking the front yard. When it comes to most people’s dream house, it seems like bigger is better. But did you ever consider the many benefits living in a tiny home? This unique style of living not only helps you live debt-free, but it can be just as cozy as your run-of-the-mill big house! Just ask Emma, an Aussie woman who’s living in an 82-square-foot home and loving every minute of it.

Emma’s Tokyo home is as cozy as it gets, despite being a tiny 82-square-foot apartment.

Her home is so small, Emma can touch both walls with her hands when she extends her arms. And while her Tokyo apartment is as tiny as it gets, she makes the best out of every inch.

Design firms are starting to realize how beneficial downsizing can be, not only for their business, but for low-impact living altogether.

Not only is Emma not missing out by living in such a tiny space, but she’s been getting better and decluttering her life from anything she doesn’t necessarily need. And if she doesn’t know what to do with something, she simply stashes it in a corner where it fits.

When Emma moved to Tokyo, she was initially drawn to this tiny two-story apartment that seemed to have everything she needed, despite being only 82-square-foot.

With so many apartments in uber populated Tokyo, Emma wasn’t expecting to wind up living in a mini McMansion, that’s for sure!

But Emma turned this humble abode into a highly functional studio that’s packed with everything she needs.

Emma utilizes every inch in her apartment to the max. Underneath the latter, Emma placed a small desk with a computer, which turned it into a workstation area. But she also has a tiny cabinet she uses for storage.

But if you thought she had to ditch some appliances and amenities just because of her apartment’s size, then you couldn’t be more wrong!

Emma also counts with a tiny kitchenette space that comes with a burner, a pretty large sink, and a tiny fridge underneath. Whenever she needs to free up some space, all she’s got to do is place the cutting board on top of the sink.

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