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By Krista Miranda

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Artist Uses Discarded Tires To Make Cozy Beds For Stray Animals.

Artists have a way of finding inspiration for art wherever they look. Some artists look at a pile of old phone chargers and see a sculpture. Others, look at a landfill as if it's the ultimate playground for a creative mind. This artist took his skills and imagination and created something not only useful but life-changing for those that are using it.

Amarildo Silva is a 23-year-old artist from Campina Grande, Brazil.

Amarildo began to notice how much trash was accumulating in his streets and he realized he needed to do something about it. He thought of an ingenious idea while he was looking for a way to earn a little bit of extra money for his family.

Amarildo quickly realized that he could make money using other people's discarded trash!

After all, he always enjoyed turning people's trash into treasure, and now he could learn to make money doing it. Now, all he needed to do was to come up with a project that would work!

Amarildo began to notice how many street dogs were using old tires as beds.

It was then that Amarildo came up with the idea of using discarded old tires to create beds for homeless dogs in the area. It surely was a great idea, but it would take a bit of work to get started.

Over the next few months, Amarildo began to collect tires that he found thrown away on the streets.

Once he collects the tires, he brings them to his house to be stored in a room that he designated to the project. Then, he takes each tire out of the room one-by-one and makes sure that they get cleaned extremely well.

Once the tire has been cleaned, he gets to have fun with his favorite part of the process.

The first thing Amarildo does is gives the tire a fresh coat of paint. He enjoys adding his personal touch to each project by adding the name of the dog that will be sleeping in it to the outside of the tire.

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