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Here’s How Passengers Dined On The Titanic… OMG At The 3rd Class Menu!

We're all familiar with the story of the Titanic tragedy, but what many don't know are the details of life on board before that fateful night in April 1912. Luckily, some of those details still exist, including the menu from the ship's last lunch.

The menu was saved by a passenger who survived the crash, and last summer it and two or three other menus were put up for auction. These artifacts are basically invaluable, as they are a glimpse into the final experiences of many of those who lost their lives just hours later.

The first class menu was saved by first-class passenger Abraham Lincoln Salomon and is signed on the back by Isaac Gerald Frauenthal, a passenger from New York who probably had eaten lunch with Salomon that day.

This is another saved menu, this time from just a few days before the ship crashed into an iceberg in the Atlantic. This menu was the breakfast offering for second class passengers.

Third class passengers suffered the most from the tragedy, as first and second class passengers were given priority on the lifeboats. Of the 1,500 people that lost their lives, most of them were from third class or the crew. This is what they would have eaten on their final day.

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Source: Reddit