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By Huong Ngo

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Man Makes Tiny Hats For The Toad Who Hangs Out On His Porch.

When anyone loses a pet, it can be pretty disheartening. Whether it's a dog, cat, bunny, fish, or even a frog. People grow a special relationship with their pets.

That's why when Chris Newsome's friend's son lost his frog, Chris felt the need to do something to cheer him up. He used his background in graphic design to do something completely unexpected.

What he did originally started to cheer up his friend's son, however, ended up cheering up everyone on the Internet.

When Chris Newsome's friend's son lost his toad, Chris decided to do something no one expected. It was toad-ally awesome.

Chris used his background in graphic design to help him design and create special little hats out of foam paper.

After demonstrating the obvious arts and crafts skills he has, he put the hats he created onto a toad and started taking photos of it -- hoping the photos would cheer the little fella up.

Although this was originally intended as a genuine act of kindness, it evolved into a fashion couture extravaganza.

Thankfully the model, an Alabama-based Fowler's toad, agreed to trying on all the the different hats including that of a street kid, a dandy, a pimp, and a cowboy.

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