Dog With TWO Noses Was Saved Minutes Before He Was Due To Be Put Down.

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From one angle, Toby looks like a perfectly normal Australian Shepherd: Smart, affectionate, and highly energetic. But there's something different about Toby, a rare abnormality that you don'ts see every day: Toby has two noses.

Found by an animal rescue group on the streets of Fresno, the group was about to forfeit the dog to a local shelter. That's when a man named Todd Ray stepped in to care for him. According to Ray, he doesn't regret his decision for a second. Despite his slightly jarring look, Toby is a great dog: "Everyone that meets Toby loves him," says Todd.

With a nose like this, Toby probably doesn't have any trouble trying to find his toys.

"The sad thing is that, at this time, people will let a two-nosed dog get put down before they will adopt him - only because he looks different," Todd said in an interview.

Their meeting was almost serendipitous: Todd owns the Venice Beach Freak Show, which means that he has a very fond appreciation for all things weird and wonderful.

"I'm fascinated by weird animals' beautiful differences and by the magical lessons that they teach us," Todd said.

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