By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Incredibly Rare Event Makes Tokyo Look Hauntingly Beautiful.

Fog this heavy and dense is a rare occurrence in Tokyo, but this unusual weather occurrence makes the heavily populated city look incredibly beautiful.

One visual design company managed to capture it all on film, compiling it together in a compilation of high-resolution photographs and footage.

The footage was captured by a visual design firm called WOW. The goal? To help launch, Nikon's newest global brand.

The work was meant to showcase new possibilities in the world of imaging: The fog captured on this camera is likely denser and more opaque than it is seen with a naked eye.

According to the Nikkor Motion Gallery website, the footage "captures the many faces Tokyo shows in a day, which is transformed into a poetic and dreamy landscape swallowed up by a completely white world. The light is scattered by countless drops of water floating in the air."

Indeed, the aesthetic of a Tokyo absorbed in white is chillingly beautiful.

Check out this time-lapse video above for an even better view of this foggy, otherworldly Tokyo.

For more information the NIKKOR Motion Gallery and NIKKOR brand, check out Nikon's website.