By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Dog Looks EXACTLY Like A Teddy Bear… The Photos Are Ridiculously Cute.

You may have never thought it was possible, but it's finally happened: Your childhood teddy bear has come to life. He's furry, cuddly, and ready to smother you with love, and his name is Tonkey.

Tonkey is a bear-coat sharpei, which is the same thing as a regular sharpei but instead of wiry fur, it's covered in soft curls. It's basically the cutest thing in the world, which is why Tonkey has quite the following on Instagram: Over 72,000 people follow her! Check out the incredibly precious pup below.

Head so big Tonkey just taking a break from holding it up😂😓

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Tonkey & the crew! #tonkeygram #MaxandTonkey #bearcoattonkey

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Here's another adorable dog who looks like a teddy bear.

Source: bearcoat_tonkey