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By Camila Villafañe

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"Modern-day Noah" Risks His Life To Save Over 60 Animals From Hurricane Florence.

Some people tend to forget that animal lives matter too, but Alsup wasn’t about to forget that.

The animals’ long journey took them to a privately-run shelter in Foley, Alabama, where they were given a nice bath, some food, and a warm place to sleep. After offloading the first couple of pets. He drove the rest of the way to Knoxville, Tennessee to drop off the remaining 40 or so animals at local shelters.

Alsup points out that a lot of people prefer to adopt animals that are small, cute, and cuddly.

But most folks don’t always give a second thought to the animals who are big. Fortunately, he has a soft spot for big animals, and he was happy to find a place for them. Had he not been able to rescue the creatures, they would have had to face the torrential rain and flood waters on their own.

Hurricane season doesn't end until November 30, 2018, which means Alsup has his work cut out for him.

Unfortunately, hauling a bunch of animals to safety on a school bus requires fuel, which isn’t cheap. Plus, the man has to eat along the way. He’s quite fond of the Waffle House. So, show him some financial support by donating to his PayPal before the next storm hits.

You can help by donating to Tony's Emergency Animal Rescue & Shelter here.

Source: Washington Post

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