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Model Dad And Cute Dog In Matching Outfits… Because The Internet Loves You.

You've heard people say that pets often look like their owners. Well it turns out that they even dress alike too. Just ask Topher Brophy and his beloved pooch Rosenberg. These two enjoy playing dress up and then posting those pics on Instagram. They've accrued one massive following on social media and their fans are always looking forward to the next adorable post. But there's a deeper meaning behind some of these photos, particularly to get people around the world to accept each other's differences and also their similarities. Now that's a tough challenge but it's certainly possible since most of us are already hypnotized by this wacky and adorable owner and his beloved pet.

Topher Brophy and his pup Rosenberg are the perfect match.

He's handsome and so is his dog and together they've taken Instagram by storm on their account, TopherBrophy, which is full of shots of the duo sporting matching outfits. They currently have nearly 70,000 followers and that number is bound to grow.

Rosenberg is having a blast with his human dad, Topher, but Topher is the one who feels blessed.

Before Rosenberg, Topher considered himself narcissistic and self-absorbed. The only thing he cared about was physical fitness, but after injuring himself, he had to stop, which left him without his proverbial security blanket.

It turns out that what Topher needed wasn't exercise, but love.

So he decided to start caring for someone other than himself and adopted Rosenberg. In that moment, he realized that his pooch wasn't just a dog. He was his son. Rosenberg gave new meaning to his life and now he has a best friend that teaches him to connect with others and the world around him.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Topher had to give up on physical fitness completely.

Rosenberg loves to run in the park and fetch balls, which means his human dad, Topher is often chasing after him, which is super adorable.

Then again, there's nothing wrong with some good old fashioned chillaxing.

Rosenberg likes to sit back and observe human behavior and that's something that Topher enjoys doing with him as well. Of course, if a good looking person happens to walk by, they'll turn on their charm with their sad puppy dog faces.

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