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Model Dad And Cute Dog In Matching Outfits… Because The Internet Loves You.

There's a reason why dogs are called man's best friend.

They tend to have a lot in common with their owners. Topher even admits that they both have a playful personality but are affectionate and detailed-oriented as well. They also tend to get a bit moody when they're starving or haven't had a beer.

People would always tell Topher that he and Rosenberg looked alike.

It wasn't long before Topher felt encouraged enough to seek out photographer Chantal Adair, who came up with the idea of dressing them up in matching outfits but as different characters.

There's a deeper meaning in each look, but Topher is not out to offend anyone.

He and his dog consider themselves citizens of the world. Therefore, he wanted each look to represent an array of cultures, professions, orientations, and religions in the hopes of breaking down barriers and proving to their fans that we're all the same underneath.

Topher and Rosenberg are on a mission to spread happiness with this project.

So whether they're dressed up as characters from "Teen Wolf" or two sailors, their goal is to expand their project from photos to videos and also to find good causes to raise money and help people in need.

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