By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It Looks Like An Ordinary Home… But Wait Till You See Inside.

For better or worse, the sixties were an incredible decade in American history. The Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement were in full swing, the first man was landing on the moon, color televisions made their way into American homes, and skirt lengths were getting gloriously shorter by the day.

One of the best marks of the decade was the style, which was loud, bawdy, colorful, and sometimes even a little bit space-age. This house in Toronto, which looks pretty ordinary from the outside, is like a kooky sixties time capsule on the inside. Step through the front door - and back in time.

Suddenly, you're existing in a world that happened over 50 years ago.

The home hasn't been updated at all since then, and we are loving this cool green and pink situation.

Despite it's age, this vintage furniture is in pretty spectacular condition.

This dining room is just begging for you to have an Old Fashioned with a shrimp cocktail.

The stove in the kitchen is even older, from the 1950's. It actually still works.

Having a breakfast nook in the sixties was totally happening and cool.

The wrought-iron furniture is a nod to the sixties as well.

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