By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

I Had No Idea You Could Do THIS To A Tortoise… Or That They’d Enjoy It So Much.

There's nothing sweeter than a nice, long back scratch - especially if you're lucky enough to have someone do it. Surprisingly, tortoises love a good scratch, too.

Though you'd think that their shells would get in the way of them experiencing the sweet caress of a human touch, tortoises can actually feel the vibrations and movements of your hand as it runs up and down its shell. In fact, some tortoises actually yearn for contact of this kind, and will sidle up to you like a dog, begging for a satisfying rubdown. If there's no one around, tortoises will also resort to scratching their shells on rocks and trees, hoping for some grat-itch-fication!

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Source: Smithsonian Channel