By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Nausea In Cancer Patients Is Being Reduced By A Surprising Ancient Technique.

Cancer can be an overwhelming and tragic diagnosis for its victims, and the disease itself is only part of the challenge. Even if patients receive successful treatments, the side effects can be extremely painful, both physically and emotionally.

Jennifer Bradley may have helped discover something that will help change that.

After two close family members were diagnosed with cancer, Bradley felt compelled to figure out a way to help them. She researched the ancient touch therapy of Jin Shin Jyustu, or JSJ, and eventually became a practitioner. She saw patients at the Markey Cancer Center at the University of Kentucky, providing touch and pressure therapy to patients undergoing chemo and radiation.

According to several doctors who oversaw their patients under Bradley's therapy, the results were nothing short of amazing. In fact, after more than 450 JSJ sessions with 159 patients, every single one of them reported a decrease in pain, stress, and nausea. The patients derieved emotional strength from the therapy as well, which is an integral part of any cancer battle.

Research on JSJ is still changing and growing, but there's no denying that Bradley could have potentially discovered a powerful way to improve upon cancer patients' quality of life, a discovery that is both hopeful and truly inspiring.

Source: University of Kentucky