By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Way He Has To Change A Light Bulb Will Make You Appreciate Your Current Job.

There are some jobs where we may have to think long and hard about before submitting our resume, either because they pose risk to life and limb or because they make us face our worst fears, like a fear of heights.

Such is the case when it comes to Kevin Schmidt’s day job, project manager for a South Dakota tower and communications company. His role requires him to scale enormous structures like a 1,500 foot TV tower like the one captured in this video. Exhibiting nerves of steel and even a sense of “just another day at work” attitude, Schmidt goes so far as to take a selfie atop the structure that is taller than New York’s Empire State Building to simply change a light bulb that is intended to warn aircrafts away from the tower.

One has to think the designer of this tower is a sadist to build such a tall tower and then require a person the scale to dizzying heights to do menial maintenance work. One thing is clear, this is probably not the dream job for most.

Next time you are not looking forward to Monday morning, just remember, there are folks out there doing work that you could not be paid enough to do.

Source: Prairie Aerial