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Mom Tells Little Boy His Lost Toy Is On An Adventure… The Internet Makes It True.

For a kid, a stuffed animal is more than just a toy. The soft plush is a companion and friend who shares many adventures with a child. And when the nights are long and scary, the soft dolly gives plenty of love and cuddles to make everything feel better.

One little boy lost his elephant stuffie and his parents could not console him. They told their son that the elephant was not actually lost but was busy going to different places. Their son was not really buying their story.

Reddit user kontankarite took to social media to ask strangers to help this little boy out when he posted “friend’s son lost his favourite toy. Parents said the elephant is travelling around the world. Would love to share images of his travels with the son.” It turns out the adorable plush is a globe trotter who is having the time of its life.

This is the original photo of the elephant with a blue bow. It is sorely missed by his human.

The boy does not need to worry, the tiny elephant is meeting its real-life elephant family. It had no idea it would love waterfalls this much.

Climbing a tree and smelling the beautiful flowers. The plush elephant really loves nature.

What better place to learn French cooking than with master chef Ratatouille. Perhaps a yummy cheese soufflé is in order.

Who does not want to visit Down Under? Swimming in the Great Barrier Reef and then befriended a kangaroo is all part of the itinerary.

The elephant wanted to go to New York City and visit the Statue of Liberty just in time to celebrate the 4th of July.

It was a long flight but totally worth to visit beautiful Japan. The stuffie has been learning a few words from each country it visits.

It's a good thing this elephant is really plushy. It helped to keep it warm while hanging out with the penguins in Antartica.

Life feels a lot more zen and peaceful after visiting Cambodia.

The Parthenon in Athens, Greece was a real learning experience. Elephant thinks it might be the first animal of its kind to visit the temple.

Plushie got to tour through London with the best guide possible. Paddington Bear showed his new friend the best hangouts in the city.

Making the trek across the Sahara desert with family and friends was an epic experience.

Making new friends is part of the journey. Here getting a ride from a deer.

The best way to overcome a fear of heights is to just take to the skies and fly.

Source: reddit