By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

At First I Thought This Tiny Home Was Too Small, But Then I Saw The Inside WOW.

With the ever-increasing cost of real estate, a lot of folks are wondering if the dream of owning a home will ever be realized. Couple that with the vast discrepancy between a hefty price-tag and a disproportionately small residence, home-buying is becoming more and more of a chore.

Thankfully, a brilliant builder is putting a new and refreshing spin on the mobile home that is nothing like you would expect. Enter the Toybox Home, an 8’x21’ dwelling that is deceptively large. The loft-style design features all the amenities you would expect in a regular house like a living room, kitchen, dining area, and bathroom. The home is simple yet elegantly designed and a place one can easily fit into and feel comfortable.

The best part of this tiny home is the similarly small price tag. This stunning, pocket-sized home can be yours for only $48,000.

The outside is purposely designed to be fresh and inviting with whimsical colors.

Corrugated fiber glass and cedar are used for the exterior.

There's a stainless steel counter and sink, under-counter refrigerator, freezer, and convection/microwave oven.

A hidden pantry wall provides storage space and the electrical panel and thermostat for the floor heating.

Cabinet drawers keep all the dry goods required to prepare home-cooked meals while the clear facades add a design flare.

Eight cubes transform into the dining space. They can be rearranged to double as a sofa or bed. The cubes are also hollow, ideal for storage.

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