By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

At First I Thought This Tiny Home Was Too Small, But Then I Saw The Inside WOW.

A folding table makes a dining table for two or a work desk.

Climb the ladder to the cozy 6'x 7' loft.

The loft has enough room for a king-sized bed. Three awning windows allow for a cool breeze and sunlight.

A convenient outlet provides power and light to the loft and is easy to access.

The bathroom area provides a sink, shower, and toilet. Behind the shower wall is a closet that holds a 20-gallon water heater and space for clothes.

A low-flow faucet clips on the wall and transforms the bathroom into a shower.

Could you see yourself living in this toybox home?

Here's 5 perfect tiny houses that have everything you'll ever need.

Source: Hi Consumption

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