By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

The Dogs Line Up For A Treat… Now Watch The One On The Left.

Dogs love getting treats; some will wag their tails while others will make big eyes or simply try to steal a biscuit or two. For one canine, switching places is the perfect strategy to not only get a bite to eat but also get more than the other pooches.

The big pup cleverly lines up to receive the first snack being handed out by its human friend. While the other four dogs patiently wait their turn, this super smart animal directly and nonchalantly keeps going to the end of the line only to end up back in front of the line. While the other tail waggers get a total of two biscuits, their pal manages to get four.

The other hounds may find their buddy’s behaviour unfair or even deceitful. However, this dog may argue that its all about playing your cards right or in this case, treats.

Next, this dog is learning how to catch treats.

Source: Kyoot Animals