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24 Crazily Compelling New Years Traditions From Around The World.

To begin the new year some of us vow to do things differently at the stroke of midnight. Whether it's to trim a few pounds, better manage our finances or be less naughty, we all hold a great value for the dawn of a new year. It’s our chance to start all over again or reset.

For many cultures around the world, the New Year is held in high regard. With that, different areas of the world have formulated traditions that are said to bring good luck, ward off bad spirits, or even help find true love.

To ensure what is most desired becomes a reality, certain steps must be taken. Some can be explained with little difficulty while others seem pretty wacky or off the wall. However, depending on who you talk to from the different areas of the world, it seems these traditions are either tried and true or a downright waste of time.

One thing is for certain, it can’t hurt to try.

#1. South Africa - Throw out old furniture out your window and balconies.

#2. Spain - Eat 12 grapes with each stroke of midnight.

#3. Argentina - Wear a brand-new pink underwear for new love.

Step forward with your right foot to literally step with 'your right foot.'

#4. Ireland - Bang bread against the wall to kick out the bad luck and welcome the good spirits.

#5. Latin America - Wear red lingerie to welcome new love.

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