Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

Brave Dog Refuses To Abandon His Injured Pal As A TRAIN Approaches.

Imagine being stuck on a train track for two days. You're freezing cold, injured and terrified, but all you can do is just sit there and wait for certain death to arrive. That's exactly what happened to Lucy, a dog in the Ukraine. No one really knew if Lucy had been hit by a train crossing or how bad her injuries really were. But it's really what happened next that is incredibly touching. When another dog sensed the danger she was in, he decided to use his warmth and his strength to keep Lucy safe without any regard to his own safety.

Lucy the dog was in quite a dangerous pickle.

She was sitting on a train track, unable to move from her injuries, but fortunately, she was not alone. There was a savior in the vicinity who intended to keep her safe or die trying.

She had her best friend with her, a male dog named Panda, who did everything in his power to keep her safe.

Lucy would have been killed had Panda not curled up next to her and kept her warm while forcing her head down when the train bulleted towards them at neck-breaking speeds.

Even after locals in Tseglovka village tried to help, Panda barked at them to scare them away. It seemed that he was hellbent on keeping Lucy safe until help arrived.

Fortunately, the pair was found by Denis Malafeyev who came to rescue them after getting a phone call from a friend. But even as he put them in his trunk, Panda and Lucy continued to snuggle together.

Fortunately, both dogs were safe and sound and got the medical assistance they needed.

Ironically, Lucy hadn't sustained any fractures thanks to Panda's help, but she did have a couple of severe bruises here and there. Eventually, the owners of the dogs were found and the adorable couple was reunited with them.

So was it instinct, friendship, or love that made Panda become so heroic? Click on the video below and prepare to hold your breath as the train heads towards these adorable pooches.

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