By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

The 30 Funniest Translation Fails Ever, I’m Still Laughing At #14.

We’ve all been there. You know exactly what you want to say but for whatever reason it comes out completely wrong. If you’ve ever lived in or traveled to a foreign country with few English speakers, you and this pain are well acquainted.

The pain exists in the signs emblazoned with broken English, in the way things are said or how you understand them, and most especially in the way you cannot express what you want to say in a language you’re still learning, assuming you’ve attempted.

The following examples of translation mishaps highlight the struggle of communicating in a different language. While browsing through these, we hope you can find comfort in the fact that at least your mistakes aren’t on signs or shirts for all to read.

#1. Looks like someone's been studying their Español!

#2. They've got you covered.

#3. The best way to double the danger.

#4. No discrimination here.

#5. It's always the nice ones...

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