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Chinese Signs That Got Hysterically Lost In Translation.

One of the great times in life is when you find something that is so funny you just can’t wait to share it with everyone. This happens quite a bit right here at home but when you start to travel around the world it happens a lot more than you might expect.

The reason for this is different parts of the world have different customs and something that is offensive, sick, frowned upon or disgusting here at home, is actually accepted or loved in another part of the world. So finding things that are out of the ordinary to us is quite easy to come across in other regions. Today you will see several examples of these and you are guaranteed to laugh at least twice.

When is the last time you enjoyed a good bag of puke, or found a good sale on cock, had a nice bowl of “Soup for Sluts” or better yet, been able to order up some roasted husband? It’s probably been quite a while I’m guessing, right?

The things we come across during our travels are pretty funny in accordance to how we live. They are very normal in other areas of the world though and while you may see something and start laughing at it, others may look at you and start laughing at you simply because they don’t understand what you are laughing at. Take a look at these and you will find yourself highly entertained!

What's the old saying? There's nothing like a nice bag of puke to go with your beer?

Nokia is known for a lot of stuff. But this sign looks like a better description of some of it's products!

Those of us who can't spell always add a little humor into the day! They say size matters but who knew it was the cheapest?

It's better to be warned than to find out on your own. This wouldn't be a good surprise!

Well, if the offer is there why not give it a try right? Well I guess it would depend on who was making the offer.

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