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Rescuers Couldn’t Save A Drowning Horse… Until This Guy Had A BRAVE Idea.

When you hear that the Colombian police showed up to an emergency scene, you'd probably assume that there was drugs, violence, or some kind of corrupt politician involved. But in this case, the emergency was centered around a horse who'd gotten himself into a pretty stressful situation. Thankfully, the Colombian police were there to help him sort it out.

After walking straight into a death trap (in the form of a subterranean sand grinder that moves rocks and water through a machine to create sand), the horse simply couldn't get himself out. It was a near certain death for this beautiful animal, until someone called the police. It seemed like there wasn't much they could do -- after all, the horse weighs far too much for them to life on their own. But with a little bravery and ingenuity, this armed team of policemen were able to help him out. See how they saved the horse's life below.

This horse found himself in a very terrifying situation.

He'd managed to fall into a ditch, where sand is made from water and ground stones. For people, it would be tough to escape. For a horse? Nearly impossible.

The city police of Dagua, Colombia were called to help the horse in this dire situation.

They arrived at the scene quickly, only to realize that rescuing the horse would be much harder than they thought.

The horse was heavy enough on it's own, but there were other factors to consider.

For starters, the water weighed the horse down even more. Then, there is the issue of the water constantly being pulled toward the sand grinder.

The horse was understandably terrified.

And the Colombian police had to come up with a plan.

They tried hauling him out at first.

But the police quickly realized that this big guy would be far too heavy to get out with a few tugs.

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