By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Newborn Kitten Spent 48 Hours Trapped Between Rocks, But The Photos Are Cute As Hell.

Firefighters in Johnston, Rhode Island, probably never imagined they would need to use the jaws of life to rescue a two-week-old kitten. The tiny fur ball got stuck between two boulders; it took two days to get the fuzzy little guy out. Luckily, a neighbor heard the cat’s cry and called for help.

When the feline was finally freed, it was dehydrated and flea-infested. Rescuers quickly gave it fluids and bathed it. The cat, who has been named Stunner, has a family ready to adopt him. Let’s hope the kitty does not get himself into anymore serious mischief.

The two-week-old kitten got stuck between two boulders.

Rescuers quickly realized they would need further help to get the kitty out.

The feline was dehydrated and infested with fleas. Liquids and a warm bath made all the difference.

Stunner is a beautiful, fluffy feline who already has a family that will adopt him.

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Source: The Dodo