Krista Miranda

By Krista Miranda

LifeBuzz Staff

The #Trashtag Challenge Is Inspiring People To Clean Up Beaches And Parks.

Ten People

If you have the manpower, huge groups of people can really tackle the horrendous amount of trash accumulating on our planet. For example, it only took 10 people to clean up this small section of a beach. But that's really nothing compared to the people in the next picture!

Mumbai Beach

It's a sad fact that the waters surrounding India are some of the most polluted waters in the world. 500 volunteers came together to clean up Mumbai Beach in India. Do you see what happens when enough caring people come together? The Earth could be cleaned in no time at all if people just cared a little bit more.

Pay Attention

This is what happens when people stop paying attention to their surroundings. Trash starts to pile up and things begin to look disgusting. Luckily, whoever did this saw a problem and jumped at the chance to correct it. It looks much better now, doesn't it?

Make It A Date

You and your significant other can even make a date out of it! That's what these volunteers did. Instead of spending money going out to eat or buying things they don't need, (which means more trash by the way) they decided to pick up their local beach. Romantic AND good for the environment! You can't really beat that.

South Africa

It's really sad to see piles of trash on the side of the road while you're driving in your car. These people from South Africa were so sick of looking at the trash accumulating on the side of the road, so they did their part to clean up what seems like a neverending mess. If more people consistently did this, the world would be a much nicer place.

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