By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

You Probably Don’t Need Any Of These 20 New Travel Gadgets, But You Will WANT All Of Them.

Planning a vacation requires lots of time and effort, and packing does too! Still, even if you meticulously pack your bag with everything you can imagine, odds are you'll forget something (or bring something completely unnecessary).

As frustrating as that might be, know this: As long as you have at least one of these handy travel gadgets with you, your vacation is bound to be a success. You'll definitely have a strong opinion about the last one.

#1. Tillow: The Beach Towel + Pillow

This is a great little addition to your beach bag. It's basically a beach towel with a pillow on one end, which is everything you need to relax on the beach. Even better: The pillow opens on the side, and can be used for storage to keep your belongings away from the sand. It even has a touch-screen window for your smartphone.

#2. SteriPen: Ultraviolet Bacteria Killing Water Wand

Most diseases contracted while vacationing are caused by contaminated or dirty water. When visiting countries whose water supplies might be less than ideal, you can bring along a SteriPen. This portable water purifier uses UV rays to turn tap water into safe drinking water, and it's small enough to fit in your purse!

#3. Tile: Tracking Tags

If you're prone to losing things on vacation, you should definitely invest in a Tile. It's basically a tracking device you can attach to your bag, keys, or passport, and you can track it using your smartphone or iPad.

#4. Micro Luggage

For those who easily grow weary of hauling a bag around, Micro Luggage is the perfect solution. It's designed to act as a bag, trolley and skateboard all-in-one, meaning you can easily move your bag through the airport, and have fun doing it. Bonus: It fits within most airlines' carry-on bag limits.

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