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14 Ways You Can Get Paid To Travel The World, And Quit The Cubicle Forever.

Most of us would love to be able to drop everything and travel the world, but unless you have a trust fund, it seems virtually impossible. However, there are a handful of ways to leave your life behind and experience the world at large -- and you can even get paid to do them.

Below are 14 jobs that theoretically will pay you to travel the world or explore the country, earning money while you step up your life experiences. Each of them offers different benefits and rewards, and some of them you can even do without a degree or training. Check out your options below -- and remember, without risk there can be no reward.

#1. Flight Attendant

Flight attendants don't really get to see much of the world while they're working, but they do get days off wherever they land.

#2. English Teacher

You can work and teach in dozens of countries across the world if you're a native English speaker. The jobs come with salaries, flights, housing, and more -- plus you get to learn a second language while you're helping the locals learn your first.

#3. Yoga or Fitness Instructor

Most popular in the world of yoga, you could actually get paid to teach fitness classes overseas.

#4. Foreign Service Office

To qualify for a Foreign Service Officer position with the U.S. State Department you just have to have to be 20 years old and able to pass the Foreign Service Exam. It's an extensive interview process, but you then get to spend your entire career traveling the world in different posts.

#5. Yacht or Cruise Ship Crew Member

Think of it as a hotel on the water: Just like hotels need bellhops, maids, concierges, and servers, so too do yachts and cruise ships.

Yacht or Cruise Ship Crew Member

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