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This Rescue Dog Has Epic Adventures, And Puts Your Travel Stories To Shame.

Traveling the world is a luxury afforded by the few, but this lucky dog has had the chance to go more places during her short life than most people do in a lifetime.

Her name is Kahlua, and she's a rescue dog who made a name for herself by being well-traveled. She and her owner Trevor DeHaas have been on the road since February, sojourning across the United States and taking some incredible images while doing it. There's a bit of a sad side to their story, too: DeHaas has kidney disease, and he is using his remaining time to see as much as he can, with Kahlua as his trusty companion.

Their photographs are pretty amazing, and you can follow their journey below.

They started in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and have visited the summit of Colorado's Raspberry Mountain, paddleboarded through Utah's Glen Canyon and visited the lowest point in the states: California's Badwater Basin.

Sunset Seekers #GoPro #LiveYours #REI1440Project

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Happy Howloween!

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Kahlúa loved her first slot canyon but I think she loved the lizards on the walls even more! #VisitArizona

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DeHaas might not be able to get the treatment he needs, as his kidney condition is incurable. "It's more a question of when I'll need dialysis or a transplant rather than 'if'. If I don't get one who knows When I think about it, it scares the hell out of me. I know I won't be able to do the things I love to do now and even taking Kahlua for a walk could end up being a challenge."

In the middle of snowhere. #GoPro

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DeHaas hopes his journey with Kahlua will inspire others to do the same.

My life now feels 1,000 times different. Every day is an adventure with something new around every corner."

Sunset Swimming

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And with Kahlua by his side, there's no limit to where their adventures may take them.

Teal Thundra #Canont3i #GlennOnokoFalls #CatahoulaLeopard #MyDogIsMy waterfall finder

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