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She Quit Her Job To Travel The World With Her 6 Year-Old Daughter. Here’s Why…

Evie Farrell suffered through the loss of a close friend a little over a year ago and decided that something had to change. There was so much available to do in life that she and her six year old daughter Emmie probably were not ever going to get to experience. So she decided to change that.

She decided to quit her job and take her daughter on a trip around the world. There was no time better than the present to do something that most people never get the opportunity to do. Currently, they have been on the road for eleven months and what was originally planned as a one year trip, now has no end in sight.

At last report, they are planning to extend the trip for another six months at least. They are having such a good time they don’t see any reason to call an end to it. Money is an issue though as Evie’s savings is now all gone and they are getting by on rent she collects from a house she owns in Australia.

Most of us at some point say “I’d love to just pack up and go away.” Evie decided that she wanted to do more than just talk and dream about doing it. She actually made it happen.

Evie Farrell says that constant travel is a lot easier than most people think it is.

The pair have been on the road for almost a year now and they have no plans to go home.

They left home last February and they are having the time of their lives. Currently, there are no plans at all to return home.

They face normal every day challenges like eating, bedtimes and keeping up with school work. They just don't deal with them at home.

When they left they were planning on being gone for a year. Now that the year is almost up they are considering expanding their trek another six months or so.

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