By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Quit His Job To Travel The World, But His ‘Luggage’ Is VERY Heavy.

Dotan Negrin will play his piano anywhere. After graduating from college, the New Yorker went to work feeling unfulfilled. In 2010, Negrin quit his job, bought a truck and a piano and changed the course of his life.

Now he travels around the world with his piano, playing for crowds everywhere from the Swiss Alps, the Eiffel Tower, to the beaches of California.

"Piano Around the World" has taken Negrin to over 300 cities in 20 countries. The pianist lives off of tips, while making a lot of friends everywhere he goes. “I want to use music to bring people together and create a dialogue between neighbors.” All one piano recital at a time.

This man played the piano for elephants.

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