By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

I Don’t Know How He Manages To Take These Photos… But I’m Glad He Does.

Anyone who enjoys heading into the outdoors and observing nature will love these photographs.

Finnish photographer Konsta Punkka takes extraordinarily close-up images of animals in the wild. He describe himself as a "squirrel whisperer," and judging by these photos, his title isn't too far off. After he manages to get unusually close to his subjects, Punkka actually gets these animals to eat out of his hand!

So, how does he do it? Punkka spends countless hours waiting patiently and gaining trust. Understanding the delicate environment, he is careful to not bother his subjects, and he's also conscientious of their diets. Mice, squirrels, foxes, and birds have all gotten close to Punkka, and his high-resolution photos of those moments are truly incredible. Check out his photos below!

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