By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

12 Creative Home Design Ideas For Old Tree Stumps… I’m Doing #5 Right Now.

When it comes to home furnishings, it seems more and more is massed produced and lacking personality. That’s why it is a refreshing change when we incorporate natural beauty and elements found in the wild.

This DIY involves upcycling tree trunks and branches. With a little time and effort, it’s not overly hard to create gorgeous centrepieces that add unconventional flare to any room or green space in and around your home.

#1. Mosaic tree stump table

You can create whatever design you want with tiles or broken glass. Make sure you purchase a glue for wood and glass simultaneously. Grout will also be needed for the nooks.

Mosaic tree stump table

#2. Dining table

Use the trunk of the tree as a the base for a dining table.

#3. Planter

This project will require you to put your muscles in to it. Drill drain hills. Dig a hole in the center of the stump deep enough for the soil and plants.


Kelley Macdonald

#4. Bird bath

Add a huge shallow saucer and some water for birds to bathe in.

#5. Charger plates

This is a great way to bring nature to the dinner table. Add a few pine cones and sprigs to complete the look.

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