Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Outrageously Funny Tree-Toppers That Are Borderline Blasphemous.

#6. You do have to admit a Groot head coming out of an actual tree does make sense.

Add a Rocket Raccoon and your tree is set!

#7. Oh no, your tree topper is getting stolen by that gorilla!

Little do people know, the gorilla is the real tree topper!

#8. If you insist on putting a star on top of the Christmas tree, you might as well make it a Mario Bros star!

And incorporate Super Mario bros ornaments to complete the look!

#9. More Christmas' definitely need more Godzillas.

Who was the rude person that ruled out Godzilla for holiday themes?

#10. This grumpy cat just says it all.

"Can I have a...." "No."

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