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This Unusual Church Wasn’t ‘Built’ By Humans, The Interior Photos… INTENSE.

Barry Cox has always been intrigued by the architectural achievements he's seen in his travels, but he's particularly taken with the design and construction of old churches. In fact, he was so enamored with them that he decided to build one of his own: Only his was made entirely out of trees.

It's been a project four years in the making in his backyard in New Zealand, and the finished product is breathtaking to behold. It almost looks like something out of a fantasy novel - except it's actually real. See pictures and read more of Cox's story below.

"I walked out of my back door one day and thought, 'that space needs a church.'" Cox said in an interview.

He began clearing the yard in 2011 and built the frame. In order to construct something memorable, he researched and drew inspiration from all of the old churches he'd seen in his travels.

Cox had an advantage in this process: He owns a "Treelocations" business, which transports trees using a tree spade. He was able to relocate saplings onto his property for the project.

The roof was made with cut-leaf alder, which is easy to manipulate and also sparse. It's important for sunlight to be able to stream in from the top of the church.

The natural sunlight makes the interior of the church enchanting and lovely.

The grounds around the church are magnificent too. Wouldn't this be an amazing place for a wedding?

It's hard to believe this magical place only took four years to build, but with the right amount of innovation and motivation, anything can happen.

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Source: My Modern Met