He Wakes Up From Heart Surgery, The First Thing He Says Will Give You All The Feels.

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Last November, 15-year-old Trevor Sullivan faced a medical emergency that no teenager should ever have to deal with: He underwent transplant surgery, receiving a new heart after being diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy in the early part of last year. According to his parents, he'd been feeling sick for awhile before going into sudden heart failure.

He was placed on the transplant registry, waiting for months before being connected with a donor.

"We know that it was a younger person it came from, with good muscle tissue, a strong heart," dad Philip Sullivan said. "It makes us feel really good that he was able to be saved because it was getting really scary. He was going down the wrong path, until we got the call."

Now, Trevor has a second chance at life, and this video taken just after he came out of his transplant shows that he's not going to take it for granted.

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