By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Amputee Pull Off A Truly Impossible Trick Shot… This Guy Is Such An Inspiration.

To Josh Sundquist the word "impossible" does not exist in his vocabulary. The cancer survivor is a bestselling author, a member of the US Paralympic Ski Team and the US Amputee Soccer Team. When Sundquist was nine years old, he was diagnosed with bone cancer with a 50% chance of survival. At 13, following a year of gruelling chemotherapy and losing his left leg in the process, he was declared cancer free. Since then, the Washington D.C resident has also garnered a YouTube following of his latest adventures.

After 300 attempts, Sundquist does something that no one has been able to do, sinking an impossible trick shot.

Here's another incredible trick shot from the Gordon Dam in Tasmania.

Source: JoshSundquist